Working at CEA Systems

We are an international software company with our roots in the process industry. Our data-centric software connects people and (asset) data in this digital world. A connection that leads to making smart decisions to ensure a safe and sustainable environment. This results in cooperation and communication between people, departments and organizations to run more efficiently.

By joining CEA Systems, you will be in a unique position to shape your function and contribute to our ambitions. Our software brings people from different departments together and that is also the case with us. We are a diverse group of like-minded individuals with a shared passion for technology. So, are you up for the challenge? We are always looking for talented individuals.


Our organization is a stranger to hierarchy, closed doors and formal practices. We are a no-nonsense company focused on achieving success. We do this together and, as the say “learning by doing”, we do this through trial and error. Our strength is that if we happen to fall, there will always be colleagues ready to help us get back on our feet.


We are growing tremendously worldwide. However, every time a new colleague gets hired, we ensure that we welcome him or her with open arms and introduce him or her to our cheerful, dynamic corporate culture. We are jacks and janes of all trades and help each other whenever necessary. This way we support each other, collaborate closely and strengthen our mutual bond


We are an international company with branches in the Netherlands, France, USA, Mexico and India. Sometimes we talk more often to our international colleagues than our colleagues 5 meters away in the office. This does strengthen the bond, puts things in perspective and brings both our company and product to a higher level.

Our headquarters in Capelle a/d IJssel

You'll be working from a great office with some fantastic colleagues. Every day you can  enjoy a buffet lunch and blow off some steam by a game of table tennis or pinball. Off course there is time for some informal drinks to end the week with. 

Our address
Fascinatio Boulevard 1242
Capelle aan den IJssel

Your new colleagues?


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